Test Series Courses - DLP

There are three types of tests conducted at Aakash viz, Weekly/Fortnightly Tests, Term Tests and All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS). Weekly/Fortnightly Tests, help students to gauge their performance in their centre, with respect to other batches at that location, whereas, the Term Tests are conducted across all centres of Aakash, thereby giving an extensive analysis to the students in order to assess where they stand in the entire Aakash rankings.


Finally, it is the AIATS, which is conducted for students all over India so as to give them the real time test environment to ensure their competition ranking; complete test analysis along with the solutions of difficult questions and All India Ranking. Aakashians and Non-Aakashians are participating in this AIATS program to increase their competitive level.

It gives an opportunity to the students to test their knowledge along with fresh as well as dropper students at an All India level. The test papers prepared by our expert team of faculties not only provide students with subject knowledge but also make them ‘think’ and practically learn how to crack the real entrance examinations.

Results of AIATS are instantly scanned through our exclusive scanning laboratory. A unique scanner has been installed in our IT laboratory, which produces quick results of our entire AIATS Centre simultaneously showing the rank-wise positions of all students. Results are displayed on our website: www.aakash.ac.in by which a student can compare All India Ranking of each test.

AIATS test score will be clubbed with those of other students in Aakash, thereby giving you an opportunity to see your simulated rank at an All India level among students enrolled at Aakash.

Salient Features of AIATS:
1. E-display of Results 6. Pattern of Questions based on competitive exams
2. All India Ranking of each test 7. Exact Copy of Answer sheet
3. Know your Level of Preparation 8. Nominal Test Fee
4. Online Practice Test 9. Special Concession for Aakashians
5. Test completed within time 10. Concession for Ex-Aakashians on merit basis

DLP Courses under AIATS:
1. One Year - All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) for AIPMT/AIIMS 
2. Two Years - All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) for AIPMT/AIIMS 
3. One Year - All India Aakash Test Series for  JEE (Main & Advanced)
4. Two Years - All India Aakash Test Series for  JEE (Main & Advanced)
5. One Year - All India Aakash Test Series for JEE (Main)
6. Two Years - All India Aakash Test Series for JEE (Main)

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