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Aakash Medical Rankers-2013 Speak

Name Umang Arora
Course Two Years Classroom Course
Centre Name AAKASH Institute, Janakpuri Centre
Delhi State 1st Rank

I was lucky to have joined Aakash to prepare for MBBS entrances. They helped me develop key concepts and strategies which are essential to succeeding at any task. The weekly + monthly kept me updated with gaps in my knowledge and I strived to fill them. The teachers are excellent, very helpful and inspiring. I felt lucky to have come across my competitors and I was motivated to the point where beating especially my closest friends was my one and only motive. Following the NCERT is important but the concepts giving through teaching and packages are indespensible. The faculty is helpful always ready to help you with doubts. An interesting fact is that there’s no need to study  10 hrs a day if you can’t maintain it 4-8 hours is sufficient as long as you are consistent. Best of luck to everyone.


Name Agam Bhandari
Course Distance Learning Program
Punjab 1st Rank

I, Agam Bhandari, S/o. Dr. Ashok Bhandari was enrolled in the One Year AIATS for Medical-2013 (Online Test Series). It was quite helpful in providing a Mock Test for the NEET-UG. The periodic testing and revision helped me revise everything in time. It also helped me manage my time effectively inside and outside the examination hall.
I would like to sincerely thank the faculty at Aakash for helping me reach my goal of reaching a good medical college.

Name Soham Banerjee
Course 2 Year DLP and AIATS (2011-2013)
I am Soham Banerjee. I have secured 5th Rank in NEET (UG) 2013 and 3rd Rank in AIIMS Entrance. I was a student of DLP course of Aakash. The study materials were very nice and useful. They made me acquainted with the syllabus and pattern of the various entrance exams. The mock tests were exhaustive. I learned to manage my time properly, developing my speed in filling OMR and it helped me in the real exams.
I will suggest every Medical aspirant to join Aakash and success will always be with them.
Thank You!
Name Ashutosh Nagal
Course Regular Classroom
Centre Name AAKASH Institute, Janakpuri Centre
Haryana State 1st Rank

I have got the 6th rank in NEET-UG 2013 and for this I wan’t to thank my parents, teachers, friends and the almighty.
In the starting of Class XI I realized that I had good material to study but nothing to test what I had got from that. So I joined the DLP course from Aakash Institute which provides quite good questions to get upto the mark after studying textbooks. The Aakash Explorer provided with that, also had previous year questions separated unit wise.
In the last month I joined the test and discussion course which was very good I got all my concepts revised in that period. I would recommend all the medical aspirants to join Aakash Institute for achieving success and fulfill their dreams.


Name Gabra Pavan J
Course Two Years Classroom Course
Centre Name AAKASH Institute, Vadodara Centre
Gujarat State 1st Rank

I have got 8th rank in NEET, the major credit for which goes to the guidance I got for my studies from ny teachers. I feel that for any student to do well in exams, one has to do well in obedience and hardwork. One must not be depressed by small failures, and must not loose one’s tempo.
One must also not work for hours without break like a machine 6 to 7 hours of daily and regular study is enough. The tests in Aakash will definitely help a student hone ones skills, but what matters the most is your own hardwork.

Best of luck!!!

Name Aarush
Course Two Years Classroom Course
Centre Name AAKASH Institute, Janakpuri Centre

My experience with Aakash Institute for the past two years has been a thrilling journey with lots of ups and downs. But the thing that has been constant is the support of teachers and friends. The study material at Aakash is sufficient and interesting for the students. The doubts are cleared regularly and students are completely satisfied. Regular test as well as AIATS helped me re-evaluate my weaknesses and strive towards an ideal. The teachers are helpful and every class was the coolest thing! Without the support of my friends, this mountain would never have been scaled. Without my teachers and their motivation, I would’ve succumbed to pressure. The key thing is to create a balance between studies and fun. The best part about Aakash is that studies are made easy and the pressure is converted into motivation. It is our choices that show who we truly are, more than our abilities and Aakash was truly a golden choice.

Name Ekansh Gupta
Course Regular Classroom
Centre Name AAKASH Institute, Janakpuri , Delhi West
Delhi NEET State 7th Rank

My association with Aakash has been a solid 2-year long one. During this journey I was lucky enough to have been supported by the expert faculty of Aakash in every possible way. Certainly, after my parents and my brother it is they who must be credited for my AIR 15 and Delhi Rank 7 in NEET 2013. I took various test series at Aakash and they helped me a lot, including the AIATS, NEET test series and AIIMS Test Series. These gave us a rigorous practice and comprehensively covered all the different types of questions that are usually expected. Also each test gave a national level ranking that gave us a good analysis and encouraged us to keep performing letter, to strive harder, be perseverant and never for the beat. Alas, the Aakash study material was excellent and it is all that you need apart from the NCERT textbooks. Needless to say, without the magnanimous support from Aakash, I wouldn’t have been here today.

Name Kshitij Gupta
Course One Year DLP and AIATS (2011-2013)

I got 18th rank in NEET (UG) 2013 and 32nd in AIIMS. I would like to give the credit to my parents, mentors and the Aakash Test Series. The test series helped me manage my time well enough which helped me even the final test. All the tests put together provided me enough material to focus on instead of wandering through the unnecessary topics. It made me aware of my weak points and helped me tackle them with ease. Since, it is attempted on an All India level; it provided me the needed exposure. The tests provided me the mock experience and much needed confidence in myself.
I am really thankful to Aakash!

Name Sakshi Shiromani
Course Regular Classroom
Centre Name AAKASH Institute, South-Ex Centre
Delhi State 12th Rank

I am Sakshi Shiromani based in Delhi. I joined Aakash Institute, South Extension Branch in two years classroom course. I was a student of DPS, R.K. Puram of 2012-13. Aakash has been instrumental in getting me board percentage 96 and AIR 30 in NEET 2013 and Delhi Rank 12. The faculty of Aakash has played a very important role in achieving such a rank in NEET as well as in board exams. The faculty here helped to plan meticulously both for boards as well as for NEET. The teachers in all the subjects have been extra-ordinary and they were able to bring in focus and always used to harp on basics. In one word, I would say that “nothing succeeds like success”, and this success can be attributed to the faculty who taught me during my two years tenure in Aakash Institute.
Coping with board pressure and preparing for medical entrance was difficult but with proper routine and time bound tasks achievement guided by faculty of Aakash helped me a lot.
The study material is exceptional and one need not go anywhere else but to follow strictly the material provided by Aakash.
4-5 hours of regular study and evaluating one’s scores in AIATS help you to improve on your weak sections. Aakash material and classroom lectures are self-sufficient to crack any medical entrance exam in India. The one and the only one strategy is to join Aakash and no other institute in Indian an give such a gate pass to success.
Lastly but not the least, I would like to thank my parents for their constructive criticism during my performance in various exams conducted by Aakash and would once again like to thank the entire teaching faculty for their unfathovable intersect in each and every student for hitting their goals by design, not by defacult. I would advise all the future students who aim to become a doctor should join Aakash without any ambiguity. I would like to end with following lines of Bhagradguta “Our is to work, the result will take care of the self”.


Name Arpita Kulshrestha
Course Regular Classroom
Centre Name AAKASH Institute, South-Ex Centre
Delhi NEET State 273rd Rank
Manipal 25th AIR
JIPMER 8th Rank

I am Arpita Kulshrestha based in Delhi. I joined the Regular Classroom Course in Aakash Institute. I had joined the two year Classroom Course in 11th & 12th standard and Aakash Institute greatly helped me to understand the CBSE material. As a result, I scored 95.6% in my XII boards.
But unfortunately, I could not clear any entrance exams that year. I was getting BDS but it was not my course of choice. So I decided to try again in 2013. I joined the Regular Classroom Course in Aakash and began preparing for the exams in 2013. The teachers were extra-ordinary and went beyond all limits to clear our doubts. When I was in 12th, I could not attend the classes regularly. But this time I did not miss even a single day. I took all the tests that the Institute held. The AIATS helped me to realize when I stood all over India.
I studied about 6 hours a day after the coaching classes. A thorough study of all the packages is very important. As a result of my parents’ never-ending support, the teachers’ guidance and my hard work, I got AIR-25 in Manipal University and Rank-8 in JIPMER & Delhi State Rank 273 in NEET 2013.
I would like to tell the future students aspiring to be doctors that Aakash Institute helps a lot but never forget put in your one hundred percent and you will definitely get the result.